Urteste has developed a prototype of a breast cancer diagnostic test

As a result of research and development, Urteste has developed a prototype of a diagnostic test for breast cancer, the company announced. An application was also submitted to the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland for granting a patent for the invention.

“In our opinion, Urteste tests have a real chance to meet all the most important features of tests for early cancer detection, which should be: cheap, non-invasive, simple and quick in terms of results interpretation, and should have high sensitivity and specificity parameters. Our priority project remains PANURI – a test for pancreatic cancer, which we are intensively developing. Our goal is to start clinical trials this year,” said CEO Grzegorz Stefański, quoted in the release.

Urteste’s patent strategy assumes filing a patent application in the international PCT procedure within the next 12 months.

Urteste specializes in creating innovative technology for detecting cancer at the early stages of development. The company has been listed on the NewConnect market since 2021.


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