Ursete applied to the PFSA for approval in connection with a transition to the WSE

Urteste has applied to the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) for approval of the prospectus in connection with the planned transfer of stock quotes from the NewConnect market to the regulated market of the WSE, the company said. The transfer will be accompanied by a public offering of series E shares, under which the company plans to issue up to 395,286 new shares.
"The company made its debut on the NewConnect market in October 2021. For us, the transfer of Urteste shares to the main market is another step in the implementation of our long-term strategy. In recent quarters, we conducted two medical experiments in a group of nearly 500 participants, which confirmed the very high sensitivity parameters and specificity of tests for pancreatic cancer (PANURI project) and prostate cancer. In total, we have developed prototypes of seven diagnostic tests for cancers: endometrium, kidney, colon, lung, liver, pancreas and prostate. Together, these cancers account for nearly half of all cancer deaths. We are systematically expanding our portfolio with new oncological tests, ”said the president and co-founder of Urteste, Grzegorz Stefański, quoted in the release.

At the end of June this year. the ordinary general meeting of Urteste adopted a resolution on applying for the admission and introduction of series A, B, C and D shares to trading on the regulated market and on increasing the company's share capital by issuing new series E ordinary bearer shares in a public offering exclusion of the entire pre-emptive rights of the existing shareholders.

Currently, the company is working on tests for 15 diagnostic purposes, which are various types of cancer, such as: prostate cancer, pancreas, kidney, colon, lung, bile duct, liver, ovary, endometrium, stomach, esophagus, breast, leukemia, lymphoma , glioblastoma. In the flagship PANURI project (test for pancreatic cancer), the conducted medical experiment showed a very high sensitivity and specificity of the tests at the level of 95.6% and 95.5%, respectively. The experiment was carried out by an independent CRO (Contract Research Organization) company and an independent diagnostic laboratory.

Urteste specializes in creating innovative technology for the detection of neoplastic diseases at the early stages of development. The company made its debut on the NewConnect market in October 2021.

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