Start-up Platform: 1 million pln for most best new business ideas

Some of the 12 ideas selected include: straws with active filters, bee breeding system, and reducing risk of mold in storing food.

Only the originators whose undertakings had first passed the Start-up Platform program could take part in the initiative. The various projects supported by the grant include the following: a straw with an active filter, an innovative bee breeding system or online learning to provide first aid.

The list of supported ideas includes projects from various industries, sectors of the economy and targeted at various markets. The authors of the system for building the scenery, based in 100% on recycled materials, obtained the amount of 999,000 PLN.

The founders of Actistraw, straws with an active filter, received 643,000 PLN subsidy for the development of the project.

Osmia 4.0, an innovative bee breeding system, was supported by the amount of 997,000 PLN.

The amount of 999,000 PLN goes to BIOmesh for the implementation of a platform for monitoring the risk of storage mold in food products.

Also 999,000 PLN was acquired by Einfleer, which intends to introduce to the market a solution for the management of electromobility vehicles and the creation of mini-fleets.

The idea of ​​a system for detecting objects on flat surfaces of the airport received support in the amount of 992,000 PLN.


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