UOKiK imposed more than PLN 1 million fine on wakacje.pl portal over outdated data

The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) questioned the misleading information on prices and imposed a fine of over PLN 1 million on the holiday.pl portal, the Office announced. There are also ongoing proceedings against Travelplanet.pl, as well as explanatory proceedings regarding the presentation of prices by travel agencies.

“The prices of many trips presented on the website nazwa.pl were out of date or incomplete – a different price was displayed in the search engine, and a different one after expanding the details of the offer. This made it difficult for website users to make effective purchasing decisions,” we read in the statement.

When browsing and analyzing search results, consumers did not receive reliable and comparable information about tour prices, while the so-called Listings are intended to enable consumers to compare offers without the need to analyze and verify each offer separately. As a result, consumers did not reach offers that would meet their criteria, spending time getting acquainted with those that did not suit them, it was explained.

“Current and complete prices should be shown on websites and in offer search engines, so that the consumer does not have to verify the actual cost of the trip in order to make the most advantageous purchase decision for him. An entrepreneur running a website that allows you to search and sort offers taking into account the price level is responsible for their transparent presentation, therefore, in accordance with the law, he must be sure that the price includes all mandatory fees and provide them at every stage when informing about the cost of the trip. We cannot expect that the consumer will be suspicious of the information provided to him, just as we cannot allow the offer search engine to mislead consumers,” said Tomasz Chróstny, president of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, quoted in the release.

For using unfair practices, Wakacje.pl was fined by the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection in the amount of over one million zlotys (PLN 1,060,138). The President of the Office ordered the discontinuation of the questioned practice. Information about the decision will appear on the entrepreneur’s website and on his social media profiles. The decision is not final – the company may appeal against it, it was also announced.

“These are not the only actions of the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection regarding informing consumers about tour prices – proceedings against Travelplanet.pl are ongoing,” we read further.

“In addition, in explanatory proceedings, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection also checks how prices are presented by travel agencies on their websites, as well as how tour operators handle complaints and the content of settlements concluded with consumers as part of complaints. In addition, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection analyzes the fulfillment of pre-contractual obligations by tour operators in terms of providing consumers with information necessary to conclude a contract. It also checks the rules for moderating opinions on travel agencies’ websites and explains the circumstances related to informing consumers about changing the hotel and increasing the price of the trip. Explanatory activities cover tour operators, including Nowa Itaka, Coral Travel, TUI and Rainbow Tours,” the information also states.


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