Unity Group expects a significant acceleration in B2B digital sales

The e-commerce market in the B2B segment is inspired by exactly the same trends as B2C and a significant acceleration of its development should be expected, says managing partner at Unity Group Grzegorz Rudno-Rudziński.

Most companies that sell only or also in the B2B model are currently undergoing an evolution, the phase of which depends on the level of preparation at the time of a pandemic. Those who had a well-functioning B2B e-commerce are currently developing and strengthening the digital ecosystem with e.g. PIM class solutions, modern pricing tools or marketing systems (automated or supported by AI). On the other hand, the group of "laggards" is currently chasing the leaders and often implementing B2B e-commerce solutions from scratch, points out Unity Group.

The company emphasizes that online sales in B2B can no longer be treated only as a curiosity.

“Today, digital commerce is becoming the applicable sales model and a significant acceleration in the share of digital sales should be expected here. B2B is inspired by the same trends as B2C - customers who are used to B2C standards expect the same shopping comfort also in the business area. However, it has more challenges related to organizing the organization and must know that B2C solutions cannot be applied directly. Therefore, the question is no longer whether it is worth implementing the digital transformation of trade, but how to do it quickly and optimally in terms of costs, because each day of delay distances business from remaining in the race for market shares, not to mention leading in this race. Today, when the crisis forces us to look for optimization, knowing how to implement a change becomes more valuable than ever, ”said Rudno-Rudziński, quoted in the release.

The digital transformation of trade in B2B and B2C channels is one of the main topics that will be discussed by the leaders of the commerce industry during the Commerce Transformation Days conference. Representatives of, among others, such brands as: Allegro, Carrefour, Super-Pharm, Euro RTV AGD, BRW, Żabka, PwC and many others. The organizers provided the possibility of intimate networking and 1: 1 consultation sessions with speakers. The conference will be held on September 22 and 23 in Wrocław at the Concordia Design Business Center. The ISBnews agency is the media patron of this event.

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