Unity Group aspires to the level of 150 million in revenues in 2023

Unity Group aspires to further dynamic sales growth in 2023, to the level of PLN 150 million, compared to PLN 120 million expected this year, Dominik Janes informed ISBnews managing partner / head of business development.

“We forecast that the group's sales this year should approach the upper range of the published forecast, or approx. PLN 120 million. As for profitability, we can say so far that it will be a very good year. This is not only the result of a pandemic in which companies have invested heavily in digitizing solutions - and are continuing to do so - but also thanks to our strategy. Business appreciates the experience of our experts in the implementation of digital transformation of trade projects, especially now, when for many companies it is a necessary condition to be able to compete, and sometimes stay on the market at all. The third factor is dynamic foreign development, ”said Janes in an interview with ISBnews during the Commerce Transformation Days (CTD) in Wrocław, organized by Unity Group.

As he assessed, this will mean an increase of approx. 60% y / y in terms of organic growth and nearly 100% taking into account the acquisition made.

“The economy will face a temporary slowdown next year. We expect to work with existing clients to a greater extent and to reduce the possibility of growth in the labor market. In addition, we want to devote the coming months to further improvement of processes in the organization and even better work of teams. Both of these aspects are essential for a strong growth of the company. Nevertheless, we still assume a good growth rate in 2023 and our aspirations are about PLN 150 million in revenues. Although under certain conditions it may turn out to be a lot more, ”Janes said.

Unity Group has been advising and implementing solutions in the field of digital transformation of trade since 1997. The company has over 500 successful projects to its credit and offers solutions in 4 key areas: Customer, Processes, Data, IT Architecture.

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