Unitop increased sales in two digits in Q1, for greater increase in Q2

Unitop increased sales in double digits in Q1 and is counting on greater increases in Q2, the company said. The manufacturer plans to introduce new products to retail chains in the middle of this year.

The company announced that it was gaining new contracts in private and proprietary brands.

“I forecast that we will see even greater increases in the next quarter. We can see that our strategy based on new products and 'disenchanting forgotten categories' through marketing activities brings results. We introduced a lot of new flavors in both halva and sesame seeds last year, which have been very well received on the Polish market. Particularly popular are halva cakes and the offer without the addition of sugars in halva or sesame seeds. We observe a lot of consumer commitment related to our brands and activities in social media, the e-commerce channel is developing very well, ”said Piotr Nowotny, sales director of Unitop, quoted in the release.

Unitop Sp. z o.o. (formerly Agros Trading Confectionary and Unitop-Optima), is one of the largest producers of sesame and halva in Europe, as well as a well-known exporter of other Polish confectionery products. The products of the Lodz company go to European, North American, Middle East and Australian markets. In December 2019, mBank became the owner of the company.

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