Unimot Energia i Gaz concluded a conditional agreement for the sale of shares in Naturalna Energia

Unimot Energia i Gaz from the Unimot capital group has concluded a conditional agreement for the sale of 80 percent. shares in the company Naturalna Energia, purchased by Unimot Energia i Gaz in December 2020 – announced Unimot in a release.

The sales contract was concluded with Dominik Cichecki and Łukasz Hołubowski, founders of the company Naturalna Energia. At the same time, a conditional agreement was concluded on the termination of the investment agreement for the implementation of solar farm projects, concluded on December 14, 2020 along with executive agreements.

The agreement will come into force on the condition that the buyer pays Unimot Energia i Gaz the sale price of the shares and the sale price of the receivables by December 31, 2021.

“Taking into account the costs incurred so far in connection with this investment by Unimot Energia i Gaz in the total amount of approximately PLN 1.2 million, the company will achieve a profit on the investment of approximately PLN 4.3 million” – it was written in the release.

“For a year, the projects included in the Natural Energy portfolio were successively developed and entered the next levels of advancement, thanks to which, after meeting the conditions of the contract concluded today, we have a chance to earn on this transaction. Development in the area of ​​renewable energy will remain one of the strategic goals of the Unimot Group” – said the president of Unimot, Adam Sikorski.


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