Unfold.vc invests in the startup AgronetPRO, plans to expand abroad

The Unfold.vc fund has invested over PLN 1 million in the agricultural startup AgronetPRO, the announcement said. The obtained funds will be used for the development of the company and its further expansion abroad.

“AgronetPRO has developed an application-based technology that communicates with IoT (Internet of Things) devices. For the development of the integrated system, as well as the increase in sales, it will receive a total of over PLN 1 million from the Unfold.vc fund from Wrocław, which has joined the group of investors. The agrotechnical company is also getting ready for foreign expansion, ”reads the press release.

“AgronetPRO, creating an intelligent crop management system, in just over a year covered orchards belonging to more than 100 fruit growers, allowing a total of approximately 300,000 ha of land to be monitored on an ongoing basis. Crop management incl. in view of climatic requirements, it is burdened with an increasing risk. This creates a growing niche for AgronetPRO, successfully developing technologies to automate the control of crops, including water and fertilizer use. We decided to invest in the company also because it is backed by experienced entrepreneurs who know their market very well, ”said managing partner in the Unfold.vc fund, Rafał Sobczak, quoted in the announcement.

AgronetPRO is based on LoRaWAN technology (dedicated IoT solution), wirelessly connecting devices to the Internet and managing communication between sensors and the IT system. The application informs users of any changes that require their attention.

AgronetPRO is a Polish startup operating in the agrotechnology segment. Thanks to the automated system supporting field management, it enables fruit and vegetable producers to monitor the condition of crops on an ongoing basis and react to threats related to frosts, droughts, pests and diseases.

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