Ultrafast EV charging hub roll-outs 100 sites

Following installation of the first electric vehicle (EV) charging hub in Zielona Góra city in western Poland, start-up Ekoen plans to deploy 100 new generation EV charging hubs across the country.

Each of the ultrafast charging stations will comprise of multiple fast and ultrafast charge points. The company claims it intends to place the comfort of the EV driver at the core of its charging network by providing open access, driver lounges open 24/7 and cafes.

The charging technology backbone of Ekoen comes from Ekoenergetyka-Polska, a manufacturer of charging infrastructure for electric buses, founded by Kubik.

Ekeon reports its association with the company will ensure its charging hubs will always be equipped with the latest charging technologies.

Ekoen claims its charging hubs will be key to accelerating electric mobility in Poland as well as in Europe, where EVs are mostly developing in cities, but where parking space for charging to serve the rising demand is in short supply. Providing charging not only for individual city dwellers, but taxis and last-mile delivery companies, will also be an important tool for cities’ clean mobility transition.


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