Trumpf Huettinger wants to employ 1,000 people in its Polish plants by June 2024

Trumpf Huettinger wants to employ 1,000 people by June 2024 at its Polish plants, the company said.

“The company specializing in the design and production of modern industrial electronics continues a rapid increase in employment. Only by the end of this year, Trumpf Huettinger wants to hire 600 new employees in various specializations – from production, through IT, to research and development. By June 2024, the number of new jobs may approach one thousand. The opening of another production plant in the capital city of Białołęka is also on the horizon.

Trumpf Huettinger products provide process energy for many high-tech industries, thanks to which the world’s largest companies performing e.g. smartphones, TV sets, cars, photovoltaic panels or architectural glass can create and improve their products.

“We are looking for both production workers and high-class specialists from the research and development and production sectors. About 100 new positions will be connected with the broadly understood IT industry. The goals we have set ourselves are very ambitious, but recent years have clearly shown that we are able to employ at a very similar pace. Of course, in the end, the entire recruitment process and dynamics will also be affected by the economic situation and the general situation on the market,” said HR Manager Trumpf Huettinger in Poland, Bogusława Wróblewska, quoted in the release.

In Poland, Trumpf Huettinger operates in three locations in the Warsaw agglomeration – in Marki and Targówek Fabryczny (production plants) and in Zielonka (production and R&D department). They employ over 1,400 people, including about 400 engineers.

“We have enough know-how and technological resources to design and produce much more than before. Our advantage is a strong portfolio consisting of products for which the demand will only grow. These include solutions such as semiconductors and integrated circuits, LED and OLED screens, phone displays and their decorative coatings, metal surface hardening, as well as photovoltaic panels. Each of us comes into contact with them on a daily basis, although most often we do not realize that the components and technologies that enable their production are made next door, in Warsaw and its vicinity – stressed the president of Trumpf Huettinger in Poland, Paweł Ozimek, Ph.D.

About a thousand new TRUMPF Huettinger employees will find employment in all the company’s existing locations, and soon also in the capital city of Annopol (Białołęka), where this summer a new factory will open. The production of electronics will be moved there, and thanks to the much larger area, it will be possible to launch several new assembly lines.

Trumpf Huettinger is a global manufacturer of power supplies for plasma coating, induction heating and laser excitation processes. It has research, development and production centers in Poland and Germany, while sales and service branches are located in many countries in Europe, America and Asia. There are approximately 1,400 employees in Poland.


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