Triggo electric city vehicle producer debuts on NewConnect

Next week, on Monday, November 15, the company responsible for creating an innovative electric vehicle that addresses mobility problems in congested cities and the lack of parking spaces will debut on NewConnect.

The Triggo company has developed the world’s first vehicle that successfully combines the advantages of a passenger car and a two-wheeler. Triggo is a fully electric vehicle that combines the safety of movement and the comfort of car use with the ease of parking characteristic of two-wheelers.

Triggo recently announced the start of a pilot in the UK. These will be tests of remote control of the vehicle carried out by Imperium Drive.

“In line with the strategic assumptions, we are starting pilot tests of our vehicle. The first partner is Empire Drive – an entity selected by the British government for the 5G Create program at Milton Keynes. This pilot project is particularly important to us as it brings Triggo closer to the implementation of the practical Mobility-on-Demand concept”, explains Rafał Budweil, President of the Management Board of Triggo.

In May 2021, the company obtained PLN 6.3 million from the issue of new shares.


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