Triggo begins pilot testing in Singapore

Triggo has entered into a contract with Hope Technik – an engineering company that works with HTX (Home Team Science), the science and technology agency of Singapore’s government – to carry out pilot tests in Singapore, the company said. The recipient of the vehicle is the local rescue and order services.
The pilot in Singapore is commercial in nature, it will last no less than the end of March 2022, and the first vehicle is already in place.

“The vehicle testing in Singapore is a milestone in our strategic plans due to the absorptive and attractive Asian market. We are pleased that HTX, the technology agenda of the Singaporean government, is offering cooperation. The Triggo prototype is already being tested. Nevertheless, the most important effect of concluding this agreement is the possibility of undertaking long-term cooperation in the future, including the direct sale of the vehicle or a paid license by the company. It opens a new area of ​​Triggo commercialization for us and is another consistent step towards the successful implementation of the company’s strategic goals, ”said CEO Rafał Budweil.

The first mission of the vehicle will be the “Fire Fighting First Responder”, a vehicle for the rescuer who is the first to go to the scene and provide help to the most needy. According to the assumptions, Triggo will replace the two-wheelers used in this role, which pose a serious threat to the life and health of the rescuers themselves. Another use for Triggo is a police car for law enforcement, according to the material.


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