Torpol tenders for total of 1.3 billion pln

The value of large tender procedures in which Torpol submitted bids are approximately PLN 1.2 billion, said President Grzegorz Grabowski. Moreover, the company submitted bids in smaller tenders worth PLN 100-150 million.

“When it comes to tenders in which bids are submitted, the estimated value is about PLN 1.2 billion – taking into account [the railway line] Ełk – Korsze, the Olsztyn station, the Olsztyn station and the tram [in Łódź] with opportunities. On the other hand, there are several smaller procedures where there are still offers submitted, but there was no evaluation of the offers yet, but it is still in the range of PLN 100-150 million “- said Grabowski during the online press conference.

In the presentation, the company announced that the weighted average, long-term profitability of the order portfolio is 6.5-7%. Its value without the participation of consortium members is approx. PLN 1.2 billion net.


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