TMF Group growing faster than expected, will employ 350 in Katowice

Not 300 – as previously planned, but 350 people by the end of 2021 will find work in the European Center of TMF Group in Katowice – an international company providing administrative business services for companies. The Center, which was launched a few months ago, already employs over 130 people.

TMF already employs over 130 people in Katowice
The information about the increase in the planned employment was provided on Wednesday by representatives of the company and the Katowice municipality.

“A few months after the launch of the European TMF Group Center in Katowice last year, it already employs over 130 people. This is more than planned at this stage. Moreover, recruitment advertisements are answered by such well-qualified candidates that the management of the headquarters that the companies decided to increase the headcount at the end of this year from 300 to 350 positions”, TMF’s director said.

The European TMF Center in Katowice is an independent unit in the global structures of the Group. Its employees are part of international teams, providing services directly to the largest companies in the world, which TMF Group supports in the areas of accounting and taxes, HR and payroll management and corporate secretariat.

TMF Group operates in 80 locations around the world. The Polish branch, with offices in Warsaw and Katowice, currently employs over 500 people. Established in Katowice, the European Center of TMF Group creates a structure that is organisationally independent of the Polish branch.

According to the company in the announcement, more than 60 percent of the TMF Group’s services are used. Fortune Global 500 and FTSE 100 companies, and nearly half of the world’s 300 largest private equity firms. The employees of the Center provide accounting and tax services, HR and payroll services as well as corporate secretariat services for clients, among others from England, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, France, Italy, Belgium and Germany.


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