3 new companies from Warsaw on public warnings list

More entities entered the list of public warnings of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority – three companies from Warsaw and five natural persons – the Commission announced on Friday.

As explained, the list includes the following entities: Sylwia Gurka-Sobieszczańska S.G.S., Sylwester Kowalski, and Dariusz Petridis Expensis. They are all based in Warsaw. It was added that five natural persons were also entered on the list.

The Commission indicated that a notification of suspected crime under Art. 178 in connection with with art. 69 sec. 2 point 6 of the Act on Trading in Financial Instruments. It is about conducting activities in the field of trading in financial instruments without the required permit or authorization. The notification was sent by the PFSA Office to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw.

The list of warnings kept by the PFSA is a set of entities against which the Commission reports a suspicion of a crime. The purpose of the public alert list is to alert the public and economic operators to the need to be more careful when interacting with these entities.

The full list of PFSA’s public warnings is available at: https://www.knf.gov.pl/dla_konsumenta/ostrzezenia_publiczne


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