This week, the on-line edition of the SEG HR Congress of Listed Companies begins

April 21 this year The IX Congress of HR of SEG Listed Companies, which this year will be held exceptionally, in the online version, starts. e-KHR consists of 2 days of debates with invited experts (April 21-22, 2021), and a series of 7 webinars (April 27-20, 2021). The meetings will focus on issues important from the point of view of HR departments of listed companies.

On the first day of the Congress (April 21, 2021) there will be 4 thematic blocks. In the opening debate, the invited speakers will discuss the topic of the EU directive on whistleblower protection in the perspective of opportunities and threats. Then, the issues of remote work and working hours as well as the challenges of adapting to new requirements will be discussed. The next topic will be related to the digital security aspects of remote work. At the end, experts will talk about vaccinations and the organization of remote work in the era of COVID.

The second day of e-KHR will consist of four discussions. The first will concern the forms of employing managers (advantages and disadvantages of individual forms; PIT and ZUS issues). The second debate will be about hybrid work (possible models of hybrid work; how remote work affects office work; challenges related to hybrid work – formal requirements vs soft aspects). In the penultimate session, the subject of digital transformation in HR will be discussed – it will turn out whether it is just an overwhelmed slogan or a real change in business. The second day of e-KHR will end with a discussion on the acquisition of intellectual property rights to the work of colleagues based on practical issues and a case study.


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