Vee creates bots that replace call center consultants

A minute of bot conversation costs an average of 50 to 65 cents. This is roughly half the amount you have to pay for a minute of work of a call center consultant. Meanwhile, the machine never gets tired, is always polite and patient, and its voice works well for the participants. The most advanced solutions are able not only to answer standardized questions, but also to obtain information desired by entrepreneurs from interlocutors. – I am absolutely convinced that in the future they will take over the entire area of customer service – says Dawid Wójcicki, head of the leader on the Polish market of voice hosts, the Vee company.

Voicebots are used by banks, debt collection, insurance and medical companies. The more connections they have to make, the more cost effective it is. Hardly anyone realizes how important the process of selecting the voice of an automatic consultant is. He has to be friendly and perform highly at the same time. Vee cooperates, among others with a debt collection company. The effectiveness of obtaining payments from debtors by voicebots is as high as when people did it, argues Dawid Wójcicki.

“We both program business processes, handle the bot, and diagnose the needs of the interlocutors for the client. We once had a situation where, while implementing an order from the medical industry, we heard patients repeatedly asking if they needed to have fresh creatinine results. The client never asked us to prepare for such a circumstance and it was from us that he learned that his patients ask such questions”, says Dawid Wójcicki.

Voicebots are good to implement where there is a large scale of service. It also pays off in industries where the lack of a quick response means the loss of – the customer, trust, and opportunities. The greater the repeatability of a given process and the longer it can be used in an organization, the better.

We can implement the most complicated and long process. However, we often do not want to. Because even if the client pays us for the setup and we gain a small margin on it, it depends on the scale of the whole project whether we will earn real money on it. If there is no scale, the project is not profitable for us and the client. We told our clients this several times at the start.

A contact center consultant is a profession unloved by anyone. Nobody wants to be a consultant on the hotline, especially in a country like Poland. We do not show respect to consultants, but we expect respect and pass judgments quickly. So hosts will replace consultants not only because they are better and faster, but also because it is increasingly difficult to find a person who would like to work on the handset.


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