They make and sell dumplings to help those fighting in Ukraine

When the war broke out, Ukrainian women living in Wrocław banded together and then began to stick and sell dumplings and pelmeni. Polish women also joined in to help. In order to buy their dumplings, residents of Wrocław stand in line for even several hours. The earned money is donated by women to support soldiers fighting for a free Ukraine. - At least, we can help - they say.'

At the headquarters of the Ukrainian Świetlica Foundation, located at ul. Łaciarska 32 in Wrocław, from the beginning of the war, on several linked tables, pielmieni with meat and Ukrainian dumplings with cottage cheese, potatoes and onions have been made. They all have one goal.

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- We donate the income from the sale of dumplings for medicines and warm clothing for our soldiers. We also try to support mothers with children who came to Wrocław and those who are still waiting on the Ukrainian border - Halina Czekanowska, the initiator of the campaign, tells Onet.

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