Emplocity rolls out AI app for Legal services

Emplocity, a company dealing with the automation of business processes using artificial intelligence, has started, together with Lex Secure – providing legal services via the 24h hotline – the project to create a LexBot – a legal bot that will automatically support lawyers in providing legal opinions for clients and preparation of the necessary documentation.

LexBot will enable companies to launch a system of quick legal advice for their clients, members or employees. The goal of Emplocity and Lex Secure is to create a tool that will be user-friendly, and at the same time easy to implement in the organization. In the assumptions of the creators, LexBot will use the so-called architecture of deep neural networks with multitasking learning to automatically generate responses to user legal inquiries and respond to them under the supervision of an expert (lawyer) – all within an easy and intuitive conversational interface, resembling a dialogue with another human being.

It is an innovative concept on a global scale – both in terms of the use of this type of network to generate legal responses, as well as the use of a hybrid approach with legal supervision. The use of our technology in the domain of legal services is for us not only an interesting project, responding to the needs of the modern market, but also perfectly fits into our development strategy, i.e. providing our domain bots that automate selected processes – said Krzysztof Sobczak, CEO of Emplocity.

LexBot will be available in the SaaS (Software as a Service) formula – for a relatively low monthly fee, without the need for a costly and time-consuming implementation process. As a result, LexBot will have a significant competitive advantage over other solutions of this type. The “lightness” of the solution for users from the level of an easy conversational interface will be ensured by communication taking place using natural language, without the need to install additional software or the need for training in the use of the tool.


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