Polish start-up applies VR to cure depression

The innovative medical device of the Polish start-up VR TierOne uses virtual reality to support the treatment of depression and rehabilitation of people after stroke, as well as pulmonary and cardiological treatment.

Recently, it has also been successfully supporting the treatment of convalescents who have undergone the coronavirus. Currently, the therapeutic rehabilitation proposed by the Polish startup is successfully carried out with post-covid convalescents at the Ministry of Interior and Administration in Głuchołazy. Other hospitals in Poland are also interested in the solution.

The results of the research carried out by the company indicate that their solution reduces the level of depression by 37%. (according to the GDS scale), the level of anxiety by 36% (according to the HADS scale), and the level of stress by 27%. (according to the PSQ scale). The effects of using the therapy include improving the mood and motivation for rehabilitation, psychophysical relaxation, increasing the patient’s faith in the success of the physiotherapy process, improving concentration and attention, and reducing pain sensations.

Research on the effectiveness of the device and application began in 2018. First, with stroke patients, then with heart attack patients and geriatric patients. It quickly turned out that the VR TierOne therapeutic solution brings very good results. The application has also been appreciated in the technological environment. In 2020, VR TierOne was awarded a grant by one of the largest game publishers in the world, Epic Games.

The successful pilot in Głuchołazy has opened doors for the startup in other centers in Poland. The technology has already been used by such institutions as the Cardiac Center in Wrocław, the Siwy Dym Foundation for Activating Seniors and the Analgomed Pain Treatment Center in Wrocław.


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