Kulczyk backs 10 startups – “InCredibles”

Last year, 10 of the most promising Polish startups took part in the 4th edition of InCredibles, Sebastian Kulczyk’s prestigious mentoring program. Despite unfavorable conditions, which forced the program to be run fully online, young companies benefited from nearly 100 hours of individual and group consultations and workshops with over 30 mentors.

  • Handerek Technologies – created a breakthrough and patented technology that chemically transforms plastic waste into a raw material for the production of new and clean plastics or low-emission alternative fuels;
  • Molecule.One – created a tool for chemical synthesis planning based on artificial intelligence, which significantly accelerates the process of creating new drugs;
  • Therapify – a platform connecting patients with mental health professionals that helps patients choose a psychotherapist, book appointments and track their progress, and therapists manage their business;
  • Skriware – creates an educational ecosystem for schools, which includes applications, online platforms, 3D printers and other elements;
  • Progresja Space – creates its own drives for small satellites that provide services such as 5G, satellite internet or Earth observation. At the same time, the drives are designed to remove space debris;
  • KPMP – is working on an innovative solution for road construction, which will shorten the road construction process from five to one stage;
  • Biotts – a biotechnology company that develops proprietary drug transport technologies and drug formulas in the field of oncology, dermatology and autoimmune diseases;
  • NataLab – a startup dealing with technology for the energy sector and in the field of waste processing, the flagship product of which is an installation for gasification of organic hazardous waste;
  • ICsec – provides solutions in the field of cybersecurity in industrial networks and SCADA system environments for enterprises with critical infrastructure;
  • Gamehag – the Gamehag.com platform implements elements of gamification by co-creating the portal by users and acquiring Soul Gems in exchange for performing tasks in the games of the portal’s partners, allowing you to test new productions online.


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