Żabka chain tests out 100% automated shop

The Żabka chain has opened the first store without cash registers and service. All you need is a smartphone with the żappka application installed and the activation of the Żappka Pay service.

The innovative Żappka Store started on June 14 at the Poznań International Fair in Poznań. Another is to appear in Warsaw.

Żappka Store is a format designed for locations where it is not possible to open a standard Żabka store with service and cash registers.

  • Żappka Store is a combination of offline and online worlds, building a new shopping experience for customers who can make quick purchases even in a few seconds by selecting the product and simply exit without having to pay on the spot. They do not have to wonder if they have cash or a payment card, whether they will be standing in line, or where they will do their shopping, because it is 5 am. This is a new value on the market and a supplement to our current offer – says Tomasz Blicharski, managing director of Żabka Future, quoted in the announcement.

The concept was developed in the technology laboratory of Żabka Group, where new digital solutions are created, tested and then implemented – the network announced the creation of a self-service store in 2018. The Żappka Store’s innovative technology was the first to be tested by employees and associates of the Żabka chain. Now is the time for customers.

How to shop at the maintenance-free Żabka?
Shopping at Żappka Store is very simple. Before entering the store, the application will generate a one-time QR code assigned to the point, which should be scanned on the reader at the door. After scanning the code, the door will open automatically. Once inside, shopping will only take a moment – just take the selected products from the shelf and you can leave the store.

Żappka Store uses the innovative AiFi OASIS (Orchestrated Autonomous Store Infrastructure & Services) platform, i.e. a camera system that uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms.

  • Żabka became interested in our self-service store solution because it wanted to create convenient shopping opportunities for its customers. The implemented solution is the future of retail and we are already looking forward to introducing this technology in other locations throughout Poland, in partnership with Żabka – says Steve Gu, co-founder and CEO of AiFi.

The maintenance-free Żappka Store has over 300 different products, including sweets, ready meals, salty and sweet snacks and drinks, as well as hot, freshly ground coffee from the coffee machine. During the pandemic restrictions, one person will be allowed to stay in Żappka Store.


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