Salary survey: Pay up 4.4% in 2020, in some cases up 151%

CD Projekt and PCF Group, as well as Polenergia, are listed companies with highest-paid employees. Last year, they paid their employees an average of over 12,000 PLN per month.

The ranking was prepared by Business Insider Polska. The portal analyzed 58 of the largest listed companies in terms of salaries and employment.

According to the survey, last year these companies paid their 552,000 employees spent a total of PLN 70 billion. It’s about 4.3 percent. more year on year, and per employee it means 2.7 percent pay rises.

The average cost of an employer per employee in the surveyed companies was PLN 10600 per month. Meanwhile, the average in the economy is 5200 PLN gross, in enterprises with at least 10 employees – 5400 pln gross, and in the budgetary sphere – 5600pln.

Record earnings last year were recorded by 1,177 employees of CD Projekt. It’s about a salary of about 25700pln gross monthly, i.e. by 151 percent. more year on year. This is the result of the financial success of Cyberpunk 2077 and the bonuses paid for it.

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A gigantic bonus for the management board of CD Projekt. It was also revealed how much the shareholders will get
Employees of another gaming company – PCF Group, i.e. People Can Fly studios – were in second place in terms of earnings. The company has such hits as Painkiller, Bulletstorm, but also Fortnite – in cooperation with Epic Games.
The wages of less than three hundred employees in the group, however, fell by 20 percent last year. Which, however, still gave quite a nice salary of 18.8 thousand. PLN gross.

Polenergia, controlled by Dominika Kulczyk, is in third place. The company is getting ready to build windmills in the western part of the Polish Baltic Sea. Last year, wages increased there by 23 percent, and there were 17.2 thousand jobs per one of 172 employees. PLN gross per month.

Wages increased by 6.5 percent month on month in March. with expectations reaching 4.0 percent. According to the Central Statistical Office, the increase in remuneration in March is caused, among others, by the payment of quarterly bonuses, annual bonuses and overtime remuneration.
Employment fell 1.3 percent in March. Every year. Economists surveyed by PAP expected a drop of 1.2 percent. In February, the decline was 1.7%. The data on industrial production, which grew by 18.9% y / y, were equally optimistic.


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