The ZUE consortium concluded the first contracts on the Romanian market, worth 288 milllion

The consortium, which includes ZUE and the Romanian company Drum Asfalt, concluded with Krajowa Spółka Kolejowa C.F.R. PLN 288 million for the implementation of Quick Wins projects in Romania, ZUE reported. This is ZUE's first contract on the Romanian market. The company accounts for 50% of the remuneration.

“In the interests of the appropriate diversification of our activities, we have been actively preparing for a long time to create the possibility of implementing investments by our company also outside Poland. We have analyzed and are analyzing several European markets that we are interested in, where we see a lot of potential. One of them is Romania, where in 2022 we submitted the most advantageous tender offers. We are now announcing the signing of the first contracts,” said Wiesław Nowak, president of ZUE, quoted in the release.

“Our plans for geographic diversification of operations are long-term in nature, so in the coming years we intend to continue offering on foreign markets. We see Romania as a prospective market from the point of view of the services offered by ZUE S.A. services. It is one of the largest European railway networks in terms of size, for the modernization of which significant EU funds have been allocated. The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure in Romania, together with CFR (equivalent to PKP PLK), adopted a strategy for 2021-2025, in which, among others, they intend to increase the share of rail freight traffic by at least 25% by 2026 compared to 2020, increase the increase in the number of passengers by 25%, and shift communication from suburban bus transport to rail transport,” concluded the president.

The main activity of the ZUE capital group is the design and implementation, in the general contracting formula, of comprehensive services for the construction and modernization of tram and railway lines, together with the accompanying infrastructure. The company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2010. Consolidated revenues of ZUE amounted to PLN 851.45 million in 2021.

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