Warsaw Stock Exchange to launch “Global Connect”, giving easy access to US and EU companies.

The WSE thinks about interesting companies from the European Union, but also “has an appetite for American companies, because its knowledge shows that they are of interest to individual investors”.

The WSE wants to launch a new market segment called Global Connect by the end of 2021, on which foreign companies will be listed, including from the European Union and the United States – said Izabela Olszewska, member of the WSE management board.

“Responding to investors’ interest in foreign assets, the WSE is in the process of creating a new market, which will be called Global Connect. We think that this year will be able to launch this segment on which foreign companies will be listed” – said Izabela Olszewska during the debate at the congress Wall Street.

Olszewska said that the WSE is cooperating with the Office of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority to create good regulations for the planned new market segment.


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