Wrocław-based GlobalLogic to hire 500 engineers

“Every year we grow by about 20-30 percent. and we want to keep this pace” – says Marek Matysiak, operational director of GlobalLogic Poland. The company from Wrocław is part of a global concern that creates innovative solutions for the world’s largest brands. This makes the effects of Polish engineers’ work visible in virtually every industry. Today, the company employs 2,000 of them. In Wrocław alone, 500, and within two years this number is to double. With a view to further development, the company has just moved to a new office.

“Today, all the industries we deal with in our daily work, such as the automotive, telecommunications, industry, medical and so-called consumer market, use innovative solutions. During the pandemic, their development significantly accelerated. Today, everyone tries to make their solutions tailored to the needs of customers, flexible and available from anywhere in the world, which also significantly drives our development and gives us the opportunity to grow” – says Marek Matysiak.

The company from Wrocław is part of the global GlobalLogic concern. It is a leader in the digital engineering services industry – helping global brands design and create innovative digital products, services and platforms. He works with companies from almost every industry – from automotive and communications, through financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, media and entertainment, to semiconductors and new technologies.

“The solutions we are working on can be found everywhere in everyday life. In fact, almost every car that we can meet in the street or parking lot today has some bits of software that we have written or tested to make sure it will work and will be safe for users. They are also washing machines, dryers, coffee machines and solutions that can be found in industry, flow meters, controllers, as well as various types of solutions that we encounter many times every day, even when paying by card. Our team is one of the few in Poland that works on programming the chips that are in the cards. When the terminal establishes a GPRS connection, it most likely uses a module that was created in Wrocław”, the company’s operational director lists.

GlobalLogic has 400 active clients, including hardware and software manufacturers and the largest brands of retail products. The list includes, among others Volvo, Adobe, Ericsson, Oracle, HP, Panasonic, Samsung and Continental. About 500 engineers are working on innovative solutions in Wrocław.


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