The WP Group may spend approximately PLN 60 million on investments this year

The WP Group expects that investments will reach approx. PLN 60 million this year, according to Vice President Elżbieta Bujniewicz-Belka. Approx. PLN 10 million is to be allocated to further solar farms.

“Annually, we spend approximately PLN 60 million on investments of all kinds. These are investments in IT assets, the production of IT solutions that we largely produce on our own. In addition, we will probably spend about PLN 10 million on more solar farms, ”said Bujniewicz-Belka during the videoconference.

Wirtualna Polska Group is the owner of one of the two most popular horizontal web portals in Poland - Wirtualna Polska. It also runs the o2 horizontal portal and numerous specialized vertical portals, including in particular business portals - and Biztok, portals related to new technologies - e.g. Dobreprogramy, portals related to sports - e.g. Sportowe Fakty, and entertainment portals - for example Pudelek. The company has been listed on the WSE since May 2015.

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