WP Group launches a new WP Ads tool for e-commerce stores

The WP Group launches today a new tool called WP Ads, among others for independent management of advertising campaigns for e-commerce stores and counts on positive financial results in the long term, said president Jacek Świderski.

“Today we are releasing a new tool called WP Ads. This allows you to independently manage advertising campaigns for e-commerce stores, without intermediaries and with the settlement of actual sales. We hope for a positive effect in the longer term, depending on the number of entities using our tool, ”said Świderski.

He added that at the beginning, it will be available for 5 industries: clothing and footwear, home and garden, electronics and media, sports and health and beauty, which are responsible for approx. 60% of the e-commerce market in Poland.

WP Ads is a platform that allows you to independently plan and manage advertising campaigns and mailing. It bypasses middlemen and provides settlement for actual sales (ROAS). WP Ads is the first of its kind in the advertising market, the company explained.


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