The WP Group counts on a double-digit growth dynamics in the third quarter thanks to tourism business

The WP Group expects a 0-6% growth dynamics of the internet advertising market in the third quarter and approx. 5% growth of this market throughout 2022, said president Jacek Świderski. The group wants to maintain the supra-market growth of advertising revenues, and the double-digit growth dynamics in the third quarter is to be ensured by tourist businesses

“In Q3, the double-digit growth of WPMedia in advertising will be difficult, which does not mean that our entire group will not achieve such dynamics, but if it happens, it will be mainly thanks to the holiday and overnight services. The internet advertising market grew 6-8% in the second quarter. In the third quarter it will certainly be less, ie from 0 to 6%. September will be important and after it we will be able to say more about the end of the year. We maintain supra-market revenue growth and this is what we focus on, ”said Świderski during the videoconference.
According to the president's words, a "slightly larger dividend" is expected next year, which is influenced, among others, by refinancing issues, but the group treats acquisitions as a priority.

“We have a net cash position. The company is cast, and at the same time has acquisition lines available, which I hope will be used in further acquisitions, ”said Elżbieta Bujniewicz Belka, member of the management board for finance at the WP Group.

Wirtualna Polska Group is the owner of one of the two most popular horizontal web portals in Poland - Wirtualna Polska. It also runs the o2 horizontal portal and numerous specialized vertical portals, including, in particular, business portals - and Biztok, portals related to new technologies - e.g. Dobreprogramy, portals related to sports - e.g. Sportowe Fakty, and entertainment portals - for example Pudelek. The company has been listed on the WSE since May 2015.

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