The Wind Farm Act is already being processed. The new regulations have been waiting in the parliamentary “freezer” for the summer

The provisions liberalizing the so-called The 10H principle was awaited by the Sejm from mid-July 2022. The 10H principle, implemented in the legal system in 2016, assumes that the distance between the windmill and buildings must be at least 10 times the height of such an installation (calculated at the point of maximum blade height). As a result, approximately 99% of In the territory of Poland, the possibility of creating new wind farms was eliminated, and the existing ones were significantly hindered in their expansion and the possibility of servicing them.

Liberalization of the Wind Farm Act and enabling the expansion of onshore wind energy was included as the so-called milestone on which the payment of funds from KPO depends. However, the relevant regulations, thanks to which local governments would decide on the construction of new wind turbines by including them in the Local Spatial Development Plans, have been blocked by Solidarna Polska politicians since the holiday period. This resulted, among others, from from the support of the declining coal sector by politicians of this formation, which was beneficial for them from the political perspective (the “mining” Silesian Voivodeship has about 5 million potential voters, and Zbigniew Ziobro’s party has a clear anti-EU profile, which translates into attacking RES).


The report of the Polish Wind Energy Association shows that new wind farms under the best development scenario will guarantee PLN 70-133 billion in GDP growth, PLN 490-935 million of additional revenues for local governments, approx. PLN 80 billion of orders for products and services in the supply chain and PLN 51 billion to 97,000 new jobs by 2030

Liberalization of regulations, which will enable the return to the fast-track development of onshore wind farms, is therefore a prerequisite for the effective transformation of the Polish energy sector. The political context, i.e. the unblocking of funds from KPO, is also significant.


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