The total revenues of the BoomBit Group increased by 12.9% MoM to PLN 22.22 million in March

BoomBit Group's gaming revenue amounted to PLN 22.22 million in March 2022, up by 12.9% MoM, the company said. The total number of downloads of BoomBit Group games in March is 19.3 million.

User acquisition expenses (UA) increased by 21.4% MoM to PLN 13.37 million, while platform commission costs increased by 27.7% MoM to PLN 2.01 million. As a result, revenues less AU and platform commissions amounted to PLN 6.84 million in March (-3.5% m / m), it said.

“In March, our revenues were 13% higher than those achieved in February. Several new titles have appeared in our game portfolio, such as 'Dog Life Simulator', 'Grass Master' and 'Shopping Sort', which were among our best titles in March. We also noted an increase in user acquisition expenses, mainly in mid-core games, which was the responsibility of 'Hunt Royale' and 'Baseball Club' released in early March. It is worth recalling that games of this type are monetized by micropayments and the payback period in UA is longer than in the case of hyper-casual games. But with the skilful use of tools, they can earn a lot and long, as exemplified by Hunt Royale, ”commented Marcin Olejarz, president of the company, quoted in the release.

BoomBit is a producer and publisher of mobile games. It operates on the global market, producing free-to-play games for iOS and Android platforms, as well as games for the Nintendo Switch platform. The company has been listed on the main market of the WSE since May 2019.

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