The special communication network in the LTE 450 technology will be built within a year and a half

A special communication network in the LTE 450 technology for distribution will be built within a year and a half, Wojciech Dąbrowski, the president of the Polish Energy Group (PGE), announced.

“The host of this project [LTE 450] is Polska Grupa Energetyczna, this project is being implemented at PGE, but of course, when we build this connection – and I think it will happen over the next year and a half – we will offer this service to our colleagues from other energy groups” – said Dąbrowski during the conference “Investments in transmission and distribution networks as an element of Poland’s energy transformation”.

The LTE 450 network construction schedule assumes the implementation and launch of basic communication services in the 450 MHz band by 2025.

Special connectivity in the LTE 450 technology is to increase the security of remote communication with electricity meters and telemechanics devices. It is also to provide voice communication to power dispatchers and shorten the time of locating and repairing failures in the distribution network.

The PGE Group generates 41% of net electricity production in Poland, and its share in the heat market is 18%. The Group estimates its share in the renewable energy market at 10%. In a distribution area of approx. 123,000 sq. km2 PGE serves 5.5 million customers. Its market share in terms of the volume of distributed electricity is 25%, and sales to end users – 33%. The company has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2009.

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