The Sekielski brothers invested in a company that supports e-shops. “New chapter”

Tomasz and Marek Sekielski, journalists and founders of Sekielski Brothers Studio, became shareholders of the startup, which offers a chat with chat and video capabilities for online customer service. The Sekielski brothers act as marketing heads in the company, reports the portal.

Information about the involvement in a new venture appeared, among others on the Sekielski channel on YouTube and their other social profiles.

  • Pandemic online sales growth rate and unsatisfactory level of chatbots which we believe are only effective for deeply stoic customers. So we created something that, on the one hand, gives customers the opportunity to communicate with the store via chat, telephone and video calls (…) – says Marek Sekielski in an interview with

Marek Sekielski ensures that he treats startup activities as an additional occupation, and the Sekielski Brothers Studio remains the main one. – Journalism is and will be the most important for us, we do everything else additionally – he emphasizes.


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