Rzeczpospolita hires Deloiite to sell newspaper

The owner of the daily, KCI, with the help of a global consulting company, will consider the sale of the publisher of “Rzeczpospolita” and “Parkiet”, ie Gremi Media. There are also strategic alliance possibilities.

According to “Parkiet”, the management board of the KCI company, indirectly controlled by Grzegorz Hajdarowicz, concluded an agreement with Deloitte Advisory on advising on the review of strategic options for a subsidiary, Gremi Media.

The journal states that “it is possible to sell shares through an open process of obtaining purchase offers from interested investors ”. The options considered also include acquiring a strategic or financial investor or concluding strategic alliances. If necessary, Gremi Media may be withdrawn from NewConnect.

“Due to the situation in which KCI has been operating since December last year, we were forced to make a decision to review and update the company’s long-term strategy”, explained Piotr Łysek, president of KCI. It is a dispute between KCI and the CNT company controlled by Zbigniew Jakubas, which began in connection with the sale of real estate for housing in Krakow. The dispute amounts to PLN 5.3 million, which the CNT has paid to the city (in KCI’s opinion, unduly) for changing the purpose of this property.

As a result of this action, the bailiff seized all the company’s assets. In the context of the fact that before these events there were rumors that the “Rzeczpospolita” could change hands in a moment, these events seem to be particularly disturbing.


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