Żabka, Tylko and Inpost win Awards: Chief Digital Officer of the Year

The Chief Digital Officer of the Year competition honors leaders of digital transformation in organizations – from large enterprises to small, bottom-up projects.

Chief Digital Officer of the Year is a year-round platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience in the field of digital transformation, organized in cooperation with the editorial offices of “Forbes Polska” and Business Insider Polska. The culmination of this initiative is honoring the best transformation leaders in organizations, selected by the CDO jury.

Among large enterprises, the main prize was awarded to Tomasz Blicharski, Executive Vice President in Żabka and Managing Director Zabka Future. The jury appreciated the development of wide-ranging digital solutions for process improvement in both B2B (franchisees and partners) and B2C (retail customers of the Żabka chain). The company established a special structure called Żabka Future – a development area that brings together a team responsible for the search, creation and development of businesses, as well as technological and system tools for the future.

Distinctions in this category were received by Andrzej Skasko, director of the digital transformation department at the Neuca Group, and Andrzej Grochowalski, CIO at InPost.

In the category of medium and small enterprises, the jury appreciated the achievements of Jacek Majewski, co-founder and co-manager of the TYLKO company. It is an innovative business based on online sales – through an application and www. ONLY is a Polish company that offers furniture that you can design and order by yourself, including through an application or website. It acquired EUR 22 million from investors from Israel, Finland and Poland.

In the third category – Emerging Leaders – the jury tried to identify projects that, although sometimes niche, have a huge development potential and bring significant value to the social environment by using digital solutions. The winner of this category was Dr. Wojciech Rychlik for the RatujZSercem.pl platform. It is the first interactive map and defibrillator search engine in Poland in Poland. By entering the place where we are currently located, we get the location of the nearest available automatic external defibrillators, the so-called AED.

Marek Charążka from the Center for Informatization of Education, in turn, received an award in this category, appreciated for the project of digital service of the matriculation examination as part of the creation of the National Educational Data System.


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