The R22 Group sees a chance to double its key financial parameters within 2-3 years

The R22 Group estimates that it has the potential to double its key financial parameters within 2-3 years, informed Jakub Dwernicki, President of the Management Board. The Group emphasizes that its high ability to generate cash and the ability to keep debt costs under control mean continuation of pro-development investment activities and regular dividend payment.

“The R22 Group boasts high, double-digit growth dynamics at almost every level of results, and this is just the beginning. Prospective investments are fuel for further acceleration of development. The analysis of the progress that R22 has been making in recent quarters, as well as the global megatrends that are favorable to our group, give us strong grounds to believe that the next quarters will be excellent for us. I believe that we have built the potential to even double our key financial parameters within 2-3 years,” said Dwernicki, quoted in the release.

In Q3 2022, the R22 Group recorded a record PLN 108.4 million in sales revenue and PLN 27.9 million in adjusted EBITDA. Year on year, this means jumping - nearly 50 percent. – an increase in these indicators, it was emphasized.

“Creating a scenario for the next 2-3 years with a possible doubling of the most important financial parameters, including revenues and EBITDA, is based on, among others, on the further development and full consolidation of MailerLite, acquired in April this year (one of the largest capital transactions carried out by a Polish company this year and one of the largest foreign acquisitions of Polish companies in the last decade), as well as on the successive reduction of the net debt level 
(ratio EBITDA to net debt).

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