Games company Render Cube in IPO on New Connect

The producer of Medieval Dynasty is raising about 27 million pln. Registration will last until June 23. The company plans to debut on NewConnect in the second half of 2021. Render Cube studio became famous after the premiere of Medieval Dynasty, which turned out to be one of the greatest commercial successes in the Polish gaming industry of 2020.

The project was published in the early-access formula in September 2020.

In six months, 500,000 games of Medieval Dynasty were sold, and the production has 92% positive comments and for the first week of sales it was still in TOP10 on Steam. The maximum peak of players was 18,700 people. In addition to Steam, the game is available on 10 other sales platforms.

Such a good reception of the project translated into the Render Cube’s revenue reaching 7.5 million and a profit of approx. PLN 6 million in 2020.

A large offer of shares before the debut on NewConnect
In the initial public offering of Render Cube shares, 98,000 will be offered. shares owned by current shareholders and 38,900 new shares.

The offer is conducted in the form of a subscription addressed to investors. The minimum subscription is 100,000. EUR. The process is supported by Dom Maklerski INC.

The share price will be determined after the book-building process is completed, after June 23. It will be between PLN 150 and PLN 200 per share. This translates into the value of the offering, assuming that all offered shares are placed, between PLN 20.5 million and PLN 27.4 million. Therefore, it will be one of the largest offers of companies planning to enter NewConnect.

The INC Capital Group will also support the company in the subsequent process of entering NewConnect. Render Cube assumes the first stock quotation already in the second half of 2021.


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