Used electric cars creates dilemma for authorities

In the coming weeks, the Polish Alternative Fuels Association (PSPA) plans to present proposals on how the support mechanism for used electric cars should look like in Polish conditions, said Jan Wiśniewski, head of the PSPA Research and Analysis Center.

“The electromobility market is a relatively new market and is governed by slightly different rules than in the conventional automotive area”- said Wiśniewski.

According to him, in all European markets we observe a much higher demand for new, zero-emission vehicles than for used ones.

“However, taking into account the Polish realities, we should consider how we can increase the share of EV in vehicle registrations on the secondary market. Support instruments for used electric cars are being launched in selected European countries – in Lithuania or Germany. In the coming weeks, we will present proposals on how an analogous mechanism could look like in Polish conditions, ”announced Wiśniewski.


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