Coal production in Tauron Wydobycie increases this year

Coal production at Tauron Wydobycie – a subsidiary of Tauron Polska Energia – will be 0.5 million tonnes higher this year than in 2020, said president Jacek Pytel.

“In recent months, the demand for coal has increased, which also translated into a high level of sales of our fuel products. The advantage of our mines is access to abundant coal deposits with quality parameters necessary for the energy sector, which we can offer at competitive prices, thanks to the geographical proximity of mines and power plants. This year’s coal production in the company will be higher by over 500,000 tons compared to 2020. Thanks to the good market situation, we have reduced the amount of coal deposited on the dumps and it can be expected that it will significantly increase revenues in 2022 “- said Pytel.

The company announced that a new mining front in the Brzezinka party was launched at Zakład Górniczy Sobieski. The deposit is located mainly under forest areas. The field’s industrial resources amount to 21 million tons, while the operational resources are about 12 million tons.


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