Prime Minister meeting with Intel CEO stokes speculation of new chip factory investment

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki thanked the head of Intel on Facebook for a fruitful meeting – after which speculation broke out, about which the two gentlemen could talk behind closed doors. There are many indications that it may be about locating a new component factory in our country.

“Today I had the pleasure to visit Gdańsk and the seat of the largest Intel research and development center on our continent. 2,000 engineers developing artificial intelligence or cloud technologies are employed here” – Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki pointed out in a post on Facebook.

Earlier, the CEO of the international giant announced that the company plans to invest EUR 80 billion in Europe. Poland was listed as one of the potential locations for a new component factory. His meeting with Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, however, remains shrouded in mystery. Several photos appeared on the web, but the media did not have access to the event or the opportunity to ask questions.

“Thanks to the new investment, the Intel campus is enlarged by a new building, where specialists will deal with the development of machine learning or data storage security” – added the head of government.


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