The president of Gamedust and JJS Invest have signed a lock-up agreement for 3 years

Gamedust shareholders - president Paweł Flieger and JJS Invest signed a lock-up agreement on Gamedust shares, under which they undertake to not dispose of all shares of the company before the expiry of a period of 3 years from the date of conclusion of the contract, the company said.
"The obligation not to deal with the shares subject to the lock-up and not to burden the shares subject to the lock-up shall not apply to the extent that the shareholder obtains the consent of the other party. If a party breaches its obligation, the party concerned will be obliged, without prior notice, to pay to the other party, on the day following the breach of the obligation, a contractual penalty in the amount of 75% of the price obtained by the party in respect of the disposal of the shares covered by the lock-up. , however, in any other case of breach of the obligation, in the amount corresponding to the product of the number of the issuer's shares in relation to which the obligation of a given party has been breached and 75% of the share market price ”- we read in the release.

Last week, Gamedust announced that it had completed the issue of 12.25 million shares at an issue price of PLN 0.2 each, which means the total value of the issue is PLN 2.45 million. Thanks to the funds raised, the company secured financing for the current publishing projects and increased development opportunities. In addition to the implementation of the current projects, the company plans to expand the portfolio of business activities and increase the profitability potential in the coming periods.

Gamedust is a game producer in the VR segment, which made its debut on NewConnect through a reverse acquisition of the listed
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