Biopharm firm to raise 150 mln pln in IPO.

Captor Therapeutics is a Polish-Swiss biopharmaceutical company based in Wrocław.

It is a European leader in the use of a breakthrough in medicine technology for the targeted degradation of pathogenic proteins (TPD). This is a very innovative method that currently no more than a dozen biotech companies around the world are working on, according to the company.

The initial public offering has just started. There are a total of 871,000 new shares on offer, and 198,000 shares being sold by the current owners.

The company wants to spend the funds raised from investors on further development of drug projects in the pre-clinical and clinical phases.

‘In addition, we want to finance the expansion of the laboratory infrastructure in Wrocław and launch a new laboratory in Switzerland from the issue. We intend to buy more modern research equipment, as well as expand our team of employees and expand our marketing activities’ – explains Michał Walczak, member of the management board, co-founder and shareholder of Captor Therapeutics.

Captor Therapeutics is currently carrying out five research and development projects in the preclinical stage. The most advanced drug development projects are: CT1 – targeting hepatocellular carcinoma, CT2 – targeting cardiovascular neoplasms and autoimmune diseases, and CT3 – targeting anti-cancer therapies, primarily lung cancer, breast cancer, multiple myelomas and lymphomas.


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