The Polish startups to look out for in 2018 and beyond

Over recent years, the startup ecosystem in Poland has seen plenty of progress, here are ten of the most promising startups in the country. 

All ten companies have been founded within the last three years with promising futures ahead of them, here they are:


Aiocare is a portable spirometer which allows patients to permanently monitor respiratory functions. With a wireless connection to an application for smartphones, users can perform an examination anywhere at any time, whilst the app keeps a detailed log of the measurement history and its algorithm analyses each and every result. The project is supported by the Joint Polish Investment Fund with a $1.1 million funding.


The Krakow-based startup helps commercial sites convert page views into inbound sales calls through an immediate callback to the real phone numbers. With more than 3,200 clients worldwide, CallPage claims that its clients could “gain 75 percent more calls, conversion, leads and deals”. Backed by Startup Wise Guys, AIP Seed Capital and BValue, Callpage also analyses behavioural data to optimise the sale potential.


Cosmose is a behavioural targeting technology company that developed the OMNIcookie which allows retailers to target offline customers via online channels, giving brands, retailers and advertisers a second chance to re-target every potential customer. The company has offices across the globe including Warsaw, New York, Shanghai and Hong Kong and was named New Europe 100 Emerging Tech by Financial Times and Google.


Eataway brings travellers together over local food by providing a worldwide community of local cooks offering great home-cooked meals. The platform gives cooks the opportunity to offer a meal in exchange for a fee and join them at their home for an authentic local meal and, to even make new friends and memories. What a better way of getting to know people then over a home-cooked meal?


Founded in 2015, Elmodis offers an end-to-end IoT solution that monitors performance and improves the operating efficiency of industrial machines. Connected directly to a machine’s electric motor, Elmodis’ solution detects malfunctions and calculates savings for optimal working conditions. In 2017 they secured $4.9 million in funding from Intel Capital, SET Ventures and Nest.

Five App

Five App is an app that enables easy communication between deaf people and sign language learners using a built-in avatar system. The app works with text messaging systems in iOS and Android and can also send animated messages over Facebook Messenger. Developed by a 17-year-old high school entrepreneur, the app managed to raise $150,000 in funding and got the UN to support the creation of the next version.

Husar Labs

The Poznan-based company is developing solutions in the field of Internet of Things and Big Data for energy and industry sector. Their product, Lerta analyses the energy consumption of customers and recognises individual appliances and their share in the electricity bill, enabling customers to make informed decisions, reduce the demand and CO2 emission and improve energy efficiency. Husar Labs has won several prestigious awards and has been selected as one of 100 most promising early-stage companies from the energy sector.


InStream provides a flexible SaaS tool, a CRM alternative for small and medium companies, that want to strengthen business relations with their customers. The Poznan-based startup automatically imports all contacts, integrating with platforms, suggesting the best approach and speeding up the communication process. They are backed by a VC investor, Speed Up Venture Capital Group, as well as a private investor from UK.


The company offers an online platform for creating and ordering custom-branded packaging. In less than 5 minutes, consumers can design their own packaging through the app. Founded in 2015, the company now has 5,000 customers from 29 countries and sees about 600 orders a day. The winner of several awards in June, 2018 raised €2 million in seed financing from leading European seed funds.


XTPL is generating a breakthrough technology for ultra-fine printing of a variety of nanomaterials. They are offering cost-effective, non-toxic, flexible, industry adapted solution for the market of displays TFT, LCD, OLED, solar cells market and many more. The company has been recognised on a global scale by receiving the European SME Instruments grant, as well as other numerous awards and investments.


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