Emplocity HR startup aims for NewConnect listing.

Until recently, Emplocity was one of the flagship startups in the Polish HR-tech industry – i.e. technologies related to recruitment. However, as the company’s bosses Krzysztof Sobczak and Arkadiusz Talun tell us, the pandemic forced them to change their direction. “We want to make automation more common” – says Sobczak.

Emplocity became known for the first time in 2017, when the startup presented its chatbot on Messenger used for recruitment. This solution was quickly used by many large companies in Poland, including Budimex or PKO BP. In 2019, Emplocity implemented its next product – Intrabota – in Grupa Żywiec. After that, however, a pandemic ensued, which strongly verified the company’s development plans.

“Yes, we plan to submit an application for introduction of shares to trading on the NewConnect market at the turn of the year. Talks and preparations for this step have been going on for some time. We feel that this is the right time. We have ambitious plans to enter this market of related software with intelligent automation We are aware of the technology we have and how it positions itself in relation to global solutions, we feel that it has potential And we hope that investors will appreciate this potential We always have plans to become a global brand Our tools ideally in these new times fit into the needs of, for example, remote or hybrid work. We now need a boost and we want to popularize our technology in Poland and in the world. ” – said Krzysztof Sobczak, CEO of Emplocity.


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