Nevomo/Hyperloop in Berlin, Zurich and Vienna expansion

Nevomo begins its European expansion. The start-up has established cooperation with EUREF-Campus Düsseldorf and the University of Applied Sciences Emden / Leer in Germany. The company’s founders also announce the opening of a Swiss branch.

Nevomo, formerly known as Hyper Poland, is developing magrail technology based on magnetic levitation, which enables travel at speeds of up to 550 km/h using the existing railway infrastructure, and also allows for the phased implementation of the hyperloop vacuum railway. The company has decided that the time has come to expand its operations on a European scale, which will contribute to acquiring new partners and strategic cooperation and, as a result, lead to rapid growth of the company.

Nevomo announced cooperation with EUREF-Campus Düsseldorf. This is the second innovation campus of this type in Germany, after the prestigious center in Berlin. The campus will connect companies, scientists and start-ups operating in the areas of modern technologies for energy, mobility and sustainable development. It will be a workplace for 3,500 people, whose main goal will be to develop innovative solutions for the transport of the future.

Another milestone of Nevomo is establishing cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Emden / Leer, which together with Carl von Ossietzky Universität in Oldenburg form a network dedicated to hyperloop technology and future implementations in transport systems on a European scale.

An important stage of Nevomo’s international expansion is also the opening of a branch in Switzerland. The new office is to provide service to potential clients in key markets: Switzerland, France and Italy, as well as increase the number of international corporate partnerships, R&D projects, recruit international engineering talents and facilitate access to Western European sources of financing. Its opening is scheduled for the turn of the third and fourth quarter of this year.

Another target of the company is Austria. In order to increase business competences and learn about the specifics of this market, Nevomo takes part in the Vienna Startup Package. The four-week intensive workshop will allow one to learn about the dynamics of the Austrian market, identify new business opportunities and establish contacts with local contractors.


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