The Polish millionaire gives the office away for free.

On March 31, the Polish millionaire posted an interesting entry on his official Facebook account. It offers office space in it. Totally free, no catch. The internet is already flashing there, furniture and equipment are available and ready to move. It is supposed to help novice entrepreneurs or startups who need their own place.

“It’s not like I’m giving someone my office keys and saying goodbye. I want the building to include companies that I can help at the start and develop. This is not “Rafał gives a desk”, it is more “Rafał gives help”.
During my over 20 years of activity, I have gained knowledge and know-how, both technical and business. I can advise on many aspects – give a critical remark here, give a direction of thought there. It is a pity for young entrepreneurs to feel in the dark when I can give them a candle or maybe even a lantern.
To sum up, if someone wants to open a xero point, do copywriting, translations – this is not the place for him. It is different if there is a man with a fresh idea.
If I am interested in a completely new approach, I want to implement some innovative idea, change some market standard – then it’s a different conversation. In my opinion, such a person deserves a place on this floor. After all, he also risks more swimming out into unfamiliar waters.”


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