Agro startup eAgronom raises USD 8 million

The eAgronom start-up aims to become a leading provider of high-quality carbon credits.

The carbon offsetting market is getting ready for large increases due to changes in global climate policy
At eAgronom, farmers already manage over 1 million hectares of land throughout Europe, which gives farmers the opportunity to generate up to EUR 30 million in revenues due to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

eAgronom, a startup that provides farmers with farm management software (FMS) and AI-assisted advisory services, raised $ 8 million in funding. The new round of series A shares was led by Yolo Investments and ZGI Capital, with Trind VC, Iron Wolf Capital and United Angels VC participating.

“Thanks to our experience in helping farmers to implement new technologies, we are uniquely positioned to seize the global agro-carbon opportunity. To begin with, we used our contacts with farmers who manage farms of over 1 million hectares, but we cannot stop there. To fight climate change, we must ensure transparent monitoring and access to capital for all companies involved in the fight for nature.” – Robin Saluoks, co-founder and CEO of eAgronom.

“Polish farmers are aware that the future lies in the digitization of agriculture and sustainable practices, which is why they trusted eAgronom and cooperate with us on many levels. eAgronom is the first company in Poland with such an advanced coal program, which we have prepared with the main emphasis on the welfare of the planet and helping farmers to introduce environmentally friendly changes.” – Adam Mikołajczak, general director of eAgronom Polska.


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