Polish Digital Logistics Operator is established by Warsaw Stock Exchange

Polish Digital Logistics Operator, a platform created by the WSE, will facilitate cooperation between the administration, state-owned companies and private business, giving an impulse to economic development, said Jacek Sasin, Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the Ministry of State Assets.

On Wednesday, Sasin took part in the signing of letters of intent between the Warsaw Stock Exchange, the Ministry of Climate and Environment and the National Revenue Administration. These institutions will cooperate in the construction of the Polish Digital Logistics Operator (PCOL).

He pointed out that it is the companies of the State Treasury, as the largest economic entities operating on the Polish market, that can become the driving force for economic growth, but for this to happen, cooperation between economic entities is necessary, cooperation with the state administration, but also with the private sector.

“An important element of this cooperation is the creation of platforms for this cooperation and the Stock Exchange undertook the creation of such a platform” – he emphasized.

As stated, thanks to the information from PCOL, KAS will be able to, inter alia, verify whether an invoice has been issued for the electronic consignment note, and the system will also contribute to sealing the tax system.


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