EcoBean to raise 3.5 million euro to recycle coffee waste

Every day in the world 1.5 trillion cups of coffee are drunk. Its waste (e.g. coffee grounds) ends up in the garbage, and according to Polish startup Eco Bean, it can be used in many ways. We are talking about the production of fuels, biodegradable pots or, for example, briquettes for fireplaces and barbecues, which would replace non-ecological coal.

For EUR 3.5 million, Eco Bean intends to launch a factory in which it will process coffee waste. He calculates that 100 cafes a year can generate 180 tons of coffee waste. From this, it would be able to produce 500,000 briquettes, and this means, for example, 100,000 outdoor grills.

The company indicates that 25 cups of coffee are needed to produce one briquette. Such briquette burns better than wood briquette and is compared to brown coal.

“We are already doing these pilot projects in Poland, Germany and Portugal” – says the president of Eco Bean, Marcin Koziorowski. – “We are commencing the construction of the world’s first refinery fully revitalizing coffee grounds.”

Eco Bean needs to collect EUR 3.5 million to launch the factory. The CEO said that the company has 1.5 million euros and begins the process of designing the refinery.


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